Petr KOLAŘ / 17st July 2018, 7pm


František MUSIL :

(1852 – 1909)


Sonata solemnis

Allegro – Andante - Fuga

Caesar FRANCK :

(1822 – 1890)


Padre Davido da BERGHAMO :
Johann Sebastian BACH :


Siciliane v úpravě Ch. M. Widora

Ferenc LISZT :
Preludium a fuga B-A-C-H
Bohuslav MARTINŮ :
(1890 – 1959)
Petr KOLAŘ :




Varhanní sólo z Glagolské mše

Petr KOLAŘ studied at Brno Conservatory from 1982 to 1988. He studied an organ play under the management of prof. V. Bělský and later prof. Z. Nováček. After his final exams he studied at JAMU in Brno in the class of prof. A. Veselá. During his studies he actively participated in prof. M. Haselblöck’s interpretation courses in Lübeck, and later with S. Heller and M. Radulescu in Vienna. He was successful in several organ competitions (1986 Opava II. prize, 1988 Brno II. prize, 1989 Prague Spring III. prize, 1991 Deventer I. prize).

After graduating in 1993 he began teaching organ play and improvisation at the Department of Spiritual Music at JAMU in Brno. Since 2000 he is a lecturer at Brno Conservatory. He regularly cooperates with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and with other choirs and ensembles. He solo performs at home and abroad too (Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, France, Luxemburg, Finland, Malta, Vatican, China).

Throughout his musical career he has been working with choirs. In the years 1995 - 2002 he is the choirmaster of the National Theater in Brno. In 2001 he becomes the choirmaster of the Brno Philharmonic Choir “Beseda brněnská” and the conductor of the Orchestra of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. In 2014 he establishes the Magnificat Singing Association.

He has made several recordings. The latest CD he released is the recording of the original version of the Czech Christmas Mass "Hej, mistře" by Jakub Jan Ryba and “Missa pastovalis in D” by Jan Antonín Koželuha. He develops cooperation in the field of spiritual music with musicians of important Central European temples (Salzburg Dome, Nikolaikirche Leipzig, Bratislava Dome, Olomouc Cathedral).

In the years 1990 - 1997 he worked as a director of the choir and as an organist in the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Brno. Since 1998 he has been the director of the choir and organist in the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. During the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Brno in 2009, he led the musical ceremonial worship at the local airport.